The DBAL-A3 features a visible aiming laser pointer (red or green), infrared laser pointer and an adjustable infrared illuminator with high/low output power options. Windage and elevation are fully adjustable. Activate laser by fire button or with remote pressure switch. Tap and release for momentary activation; tap twice for continuous on. Two laser ports allow Read more about DBAL-A3[…]


    TIG-7-MOD-CG adds more options and performance to DX model and offers more sensitive FPAs, longer battery life, user-friendly stadiametric rangefinder as well as other features.  TIG-7-MOD-CG Brief Technical Data FPA Formats Available 384×288 or 640×480 FPA Refresh Rate 50Hz or 25Hz Spectral Response 8 .. 12 Microns Objective Lens Focal Length 25mm Objective Lens Read more about GSCI TIG-7-MOD[…]


ALSG272CS: Continous Discharge Grenade, CS The ALSG272CS is a pyrotechnic canister that is designed to deliver a high volume of chemical agent upon initiation, and is very effective for the dispersal and control of crowds. Based on the M18 military design, the ALSG272CS utilizes an M201A1 fuze and discharges chemical agent for approximately 30-40 seconds.

40MM ALS4006DTK-24

ALS4006DTK: REACT Training Kit Includes 16 Preloaded Bases & 8 REACT Rounds (40MM) The ALS4006DTK is a complete training kit for the 4006D REACT. The kit contains 8 REACT Rounds and 16 loaded bases for cost efficient reloading for training purposes only. Not recommended for operational deployment.