SETS 3 Bottle

The SETS 3 Bottle system offers unique and compact options for tactical breaching or rescue operations. Using Exothermic Cutting Torch technology, the SETS 3 Bottle system provides operators with the options of using either a conventional Rod-style cutting torch or a Cable-style cutting torch. Switching between cutting options is easily accomplished with user friendly quick disconnects. This system comes complete with a 9V electrical ignition option, and it can also use Pyrophoric ignition options for either the Rod or Cable styles. The entire system is securely contained and protected within our padded tactical pack unit (available in standard black with more color options by request). The SETS 3 Bottle system can also be expanded to include a respiratory protection (SCBA) option to enhance its already substantial Breaching/Rescue tool capabilities. These features combine to make the SETS the smallest, lightest, and most versatile tactical torch Breaching and Rescue system available. Full Warranty

Features and Specifications:

  • Low Profile MOLLE Backpack System
  • Pistol-style Rod Cutting Control Handle
  • Uses Cutting Kerie Cable
  • 9V Battery Power Ignition
  • Faster, Reliable & No Hazmat
  • Weight: 23 lbs. (fully loaded with both torch options and ignition systems) 10.4Kg
  • Dimensions: L10” x W13” x D4”
  • Capacity: 1194 L @ 3000 psi (O2) 207 Bar