The Profense™ M134 Gatling Gun is an electrically driven, (28 VDC) automatic machine gun with a sustained rate of fire in excess of 3,000 rounds per minute (rpm). The M134 fires the standard 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge and utilizes a link-fed ammunition system (M13 Link). The M134 is driven from a self-contained battery power supply, or power provided from the platforms vehicle electrical system.

The Profense™ M134 is the most technically advanced M134 Weapon System available supporting U.S. Defense Forces as well as NATO and non-NATO allies. Our M134 exceeds the performance requirements defined in MIL-M-45920 for the U.S. Army and provides “State-of-the-Art” feature enhancements that separate our weapon system from the competition.

To achieve these objectives, Profense™ has meticulously inspected each aspect of this gun and designed system level improvements centered on performance, readiness, ease of use and long-term sustainability. The unique feature enhancements and product improvements to the Profense™ M134 are:

  • Improved Feeder Sprocket to Eliminate Handover Failures
  • Improved Splined Feeder Shaft to Eliminate Roll-Pin Failures and Misalignments
  • Improved Feeder Door to Simplify Ammunition Loading Procedures
  • Single-Tang Bolt Assembly to Reduce Operational Readiness Inspections
  • Aero-Clamp Flash Suppressor Introducing Thermodynamic Cooling Processes’
  • Multi-Functional Gun Control Unit (Ammunition Status/Rounds Counter)
  • Improved Manufacturing Procedures
  • Improved Manufacturing Coatings
  • USG Tier 1 Supply-Chain

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