R.E.D.S (Rapid Emergency Deployment System)

When Rescue is an Option

  • Built out of tough 1000 D fabric
  • Can be deployed from carrying bag to water in 30 seconds or less
  • 42 lbs of lift/Enough to lift 450 lbs safely to the waters surface
  • 13 Cu. ft tank air supply for primary system for rescuer/ 7 to 20 min air supply depending on proficiency
  • 3 Cu. ft tank for secondary system to pass to victim
  • No weights required system is aprox. 5 lbs negative
  • Optional 20 Cu. ft tank to be inverted on back of vest/ with quick release 1st stage valve
  • CO2 detonator for emergency situations
  • All hoses for 2nd stage and power inflator are hidden inside vest to reduce the chance of entanglement
  • 2 Large utility pockets for window punch and cutters
  • 3 large tender stainless steel D rings/ Plus two plastic & two smaller Stainless rings for leg harness
  • Mask & Bag/Unit fits in bag size of small briefcase & can be easily stowed in car or boat
  • Reflective tape strips on front and back of vest
  • Pressure button gauges on both primary and secondary tanks/ Fill adapter supplied with system
  • Life support regulators, gauges and tanks supplied by H2Odyssey

For more information: http://www.1877scubausa.com/old_1877_site_files/reds.htm